Self Installation

Self Installation of a CCTV system ( wired or wireless) is so easy, we can provide all you need from connectors to complete kits, just give us a call to discuss. 

Here are a number of questions to help you decide which of our products is best suited to your requirements.

What type of property do I have and how many cameras will I need?  

Most properties will purchase between 2 - 4 cameras, focussing on front drives, gardens and sides of property. Once you have decided, we can recommend cameras for wide/narrow/close up shots. Internal cameras will of course be positioned viewing the most vulnerable parts of the building, entrances, till areas, cash areas, valuable goods areas etc.

What distance do I need for night time vision?

Our cameras offer night vision from 20m to 150m ( depending on which camera you choose) Be aware the higher the camera is positioned, the distance will be reduced ( i.e. if you choose a camera with 20m of night vision and put it 10m high, the projected distance of the camera's night vision will be reduced to 10m ) 

Decide where the cameras will be fixed.

This is important as it will be determined by how you are going to wire the cameras. Are they going onto brickwork, soffits or false ceilings....if you need advice, dont hesitate to call us to discuss.

Where will the recorder by located?

Whilst deciding on where the cameras are to be located, you will need to determine where in the property you will house the recorder, as on a wired system the cameras need to be wired back to the recorder. Do not put a recorder on top of existing video recorders, Sky boxes, Playstations this will cause the DVR to overheat and will cause internal damage to the machine and the hard drive.

How long do I need to record for? 

Depending on the size of the hard drive and number of cameras and their settings - the recording period can vary enormously. On a standard domestic property with approx 4 cameras set to motion detection, you will get approx 2/3 weeks on a 1TB hard drive before the recorder rewrites the disk. If you require more than this ( and it can be easily achieved by purchasing a recorder with a larger hard drive ) please do not hesitate to call us and discuss.

What if I need more cameras in the future?

We offer recorders for 4/8/16/32 cameras, if you are thinking of purchasing a 4 camera system, but may want to add more cameras in the future, we would recommend you purchase an 8 channel machine ( very little difference in cost ).

Can I vew my cameras on a phone or tablet when I am away from the property?

Yes, all of our recorders have the facility to view the cameras when you are on holiday/business etc. Instructions on this easy set up is included in our manual which you will receive with your purchases.

I need a wireless system for inside the property

Our wireless kit has proved very popular over the recent months, for ease of installation, ensure that there is a power supply near to each camera position., Set up is extremely easy - wirelessly and without cabling makes this a great alternative. This system can also be viewed via your phone or pc/tablet. The system has various hard drive size options.

All of our systems are supplied ready to plug and play, and we can offer a vast range of complete kits ( these include power supplies and cables ) - check out our web page for cctv kits, and if you dont see what you want, give us a call and we can put a kit together especially for you. 

Our showroom is designed with you in mind, not only as a shop, but as a full demonstration area and we will give as much advice as needed to ensure that you are more than happy with your purchases from Big Brother CCTV Ltd and will ultimately recommend us to your family and friends.


Call now for a chat, or pop in for a brew - whatever your CCTV needs, we can help. Call us now on 01782 331660.

Kit includes 4 x 10m  Pre Made Cables (can be upgraded to longer lengths if required) 

Kit excludes HDMI TV / Monitor and cable if required (can use own HMDI Standard TV) 

Kit excludes Router & Mobile devices and Cat5e cable for networking DVR to Router (remote set-up optional and can be added at a later date if required)