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PTZ empty Housing and Bracket

£4.99 Ex VAT
£23.99 £5.99

Empty CCTV Camera Housing - Replacement CCTV Housing and Bracket - Big Brother Systems BEST DUMMY CAMERA EVER !!! This is a Brand new empty PTZ Housing complete with bracket and perspex cover. You could use...


As we are continually sourcing new products and as technology evolves we do have stock that we discontinue from time to time or stock that becomes obsolete. This often leaves just a few in stock and they then usually are added into this clearance section. As we are so ahead in technology terms often our clearance stock is still perfect for many applications but just isn’t worth us ordering or assembling in bulk giving you the ideal opportunity to nab yourself a bargain!

Please be assured that as we assemble majority of our stock within our UK factory, discontinued or obsolete stock can still be repaired or replaced under warranty if any fault should occur.