Infra Red unit for a Varifocal Dome, replacement,

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Product Code: I/R-spare

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Brand "Shark Hi-Lite" Sold with no warranty or support.

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This item is so useful if you have a Varifocal Dome where the IR has failed or odd Led's are off.  Works with Analogue (CVBS)  AHD, TVi, CVi, SDi and IP Cameras up to 4Mp and above

36 x Hi-Lite 5mm Led's, offers 30 Metre range. 

Wavelength is standard visible I/R of 840nM

Diameter of board is: 67mm.

Connector on the rear of the board is marked +12V DC -12VDC and CDS

I/R cut is supported and Smart I/R if installed in the camera.

Alternatively you can use this item as additional lighting by installing into a seperate housing , an old CCTV Camera housing as an example.

As you can see from the image, they are still on the Spru's   sale is for 1 LED unit only. Brand New and unused.

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