Infra Red Beams

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Individual fob for remote controlled wireless On/Off switch, x10 fobs can be used with the switch ......

Remote Controlled Wireless On/Off switch

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Turn on or turn off any device either by dropping the 12 volt line or signal line, even turn mains lighting on & off by connecting a small relay to the output, from up to 100 Metres away. Unit can be free standing...

Infra Red Beams

The professional choice for large properties or those wishing to go one step further than standard alarms our Infra Red Beams offer a way of alerting the owner of an intruder prior to an actual break in. 

Currently we stock 30 Metres, 100 Metres & 150 Metre options in Dual beams and literally create an invisible property fence.

All units are weatherproof, 12V DC and very low current operation so power can be provided by an standard alarm panel. Setting up the alignment is very easy either by the internal sighting built into the unit, by the LED indicator lights or Voltmeter test points built into the unit.

Systems comprise of a Transmitter and Receiver with full installation instructions and Pole mount kits,

To avoid disturbing or adding any more to an existing panel we supply a small Timer unit which can take the connections from a set of Beams and alarm from 1 sec to 3 minutes, a Wireless Remote control kit with a range of up to 100 Metres to activate or disarm the Beams, the Timer or even the Siren is also available,  we also stock a small very powerful 12V Siren with Red Strobelight, again at very low cost.

Need assistance on the best set-up for you and your property, contact us for more info as we are more than happy to help.