I/R Beams

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External Mini 120db Siren with Strobe

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External Mini 120db Siren with Strobe Ideal for use with any alarm panel or any DVR with alarm facility, simply switch 12V DC on to the unit and it will fire. Performs very well with our timer unit and any of ...

Infra Red Perimeter Beams

Infra Red Security Systems are more effective in preventing crime than an alarm. An alarm sounds upon entry to a property, with infra red perimeter beams or I/R Beams as they are sometimes known the infra red detectors will detect an intruder before they actually reach your property often resulting in intruders changing their mind and / or property owners being alerted prior to a crime fully being committed.

The beams don’t have False alarms as they are set at waist height which allows any wildlife to simply walk underneath them without triggering the alarm. The beams are totally invisible and operate at a wavelength that is out of the Spectrum that our eyes can see. For example, you can't see the beam emitted by your TV's remote control and also don't believe the guy in the pub who says "throw dust on them and you will see the Red Beams"  he has been watching too many James Bond movies!

Our beam kits are now affordable for all and are currently used by the Prison Service, MOD, British Transport Police and a variety of celebrities with large properties.

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