HDMI Repeater, extends HDMI 1080p signal to your TV at 40 Metres

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No power required, no loss of image quality, works with any HDMI device.

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This is new and it actually extends and does retain full 1080p full HD images from your DVR to your TV without any deteriation,  Ideal if you already have HDMI cables.

It works by Decoding the HDMI signal and Re-Encoding to a new Standard

Simply join 2 (all pins wired) HDMI Cables together to allow the HDMI output on your DVR to your TV up to 40 Metres away,  if your TV is HD ready this distance will be increased.

This item is fully tested at this distance and requires no additional power, this is picked up from the HDMI cable.

Total P2P no settings, no switches,no power.

We have a USB mouse extender on our site , up to 50 metres which sits happily alongside this product.

Compliant:      HDMI version 1.3

HDMI HDCP: Version 1.1

Frequency:    Up to 165 Mhz

Data Rate: 1.65 Gbps

Up to 1080p 1920 x 1080p max 60 hz

Distance: Up to 40 Metres 1080p full High Definition, greater distance at 720p

Note: HDMI Cables are not supplied 




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