Amplified Miniature Microphone for CCTV

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Brand: Big Brother CCTV

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Amplified Minature microphone for CCTV

Considering the low cost and the size, results are as good as you can get, fitted with 12V DC Power plug and a 2.1mm Power Socket fitted (effectively a built in splitter cable) so power is picked up from the camera, no wiring or soldering, just plug it in. Audio output is a standard RCA Socket, we have high quality pre-made audio cables ready to go

Fantastic results using our new "Power Over Ethernet" system or our new, dedicated Audio Balun for clear filtered audio at up to 1000 Metres.

This unit can even be plugged directly into a DVD or Video recorder so you can record conversations in a room. Very small and easy to hide, you could just record audio conversation by plugging directly into a VCR or DVD recorder, remember you will need a 12V DC power supply or even a battery will do,  ultimately though it is designed for CCTV.

We have one installed outside our reception, and this picks up audio that is generatied inside our building , some 20 metres away,   We have sold thousands of these over the last few years and this is our best microphone yet with a highly sensitive amplifier fitted enabling more voice pick up at greater distances than earlier designs at the same cost.



Technical specifications:
Amplifier In line 10mm x 5mm x 2mm, 850Mw output power RMS
Area Audio range around 100 Sq Metres (Volume)
Cable Fitted Approx 550mm
Consumption Less than 30mA
Environment Not weatherproof for external use simply install in an IP56 box or inside a Camera housing
Microphone Diameter Approx 5mm
Output RCA (Phono) Socket
Power 12V DC 2.1mm Power Socket & 2.1mm Power Plug fitted

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