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Amplified Miniature Microphone for CCTV

£7.99 Ex VAT
£9.59 Inc VAT

Amplified Minature microphone for CCTV Considering the low cost and the size, results are as good as you can get, fitted with 12V DC Power plug and a 2.1mm Power Socket fitted (effectively a built in splitte...

In Line Phono (RCA) Joiner

£0.54 Ex VAT
£0.65 Inc VAT

In Line Phono (RCA) Joiner​ Connect 2 x Male phono plugs together, or change a male phono to a female. ......


Phono Plug with Screw Terminals,  so useful Ideal for creating DVR microphone cables,easy install with a small screwdriver,multitude of uses,  the only other alternative type of  this connector req...


Phono Socket with Screw Terminals,  Easy install with a small screwdriver,multitude of uses, the only other alternative type of this connector requires a soldering iron.  It's never been so ea...

Pre Made DVR Microphone Cable

£4.99 Ex VAT
£5.99 Inc VAT

Pre-Made DVR Microphone Cable RCA Plug to Plug Available in 10 or 20 Metres with the option to join cables with our optional RCA joiner. Get the best from your DVR by adding audio listening equipment...

Pre Made DVR Microphone Cable Extension Kit

£5.08 Ex VAT
£6.10 Inc VAT

Pre Made DVR Microphone Cable Extension Kit Available in 5 Metres, 10 Metres, 15 Metres, 20 Metres, 25 Metres, 30 Metres   ......

RCA Joiner

£0.54 Ex VAT
£0.65 Inc VAT

This very useful little adapter joins together Microphone Cables which have a Male RCA (Phono) plug connected, Extend our Microphone cables to suit the distance you require from Microphone to DVR ......

3.5mm Speaker Adapter for DVR

£1.99 Ex VAT
£2.39 Inc VAT

3.5mm Speaker Adapter for DVR - Connects PC speakers to your DVR (works with speakers built into a VGA LCD Computer screen.)  No Power required... simply plug in your speaker cable from your multimedia LCD o...


There is a very old English saying that says "A picture says a thousand words"

Very true when looking though old photos kept in a shoebox but not so true with CCTV as in most applications, this phrase can then be changed to "A few words can confirm a thousand pictures"

Here is an Actual case history to demonstrate the importance of Audio:

A large car service centre took in a repair and was told to proceed with the repair after instructions from the owner that the quoted price was OK. When the customer came to collect the vehicle he told the garage he would only pay part of the agreed amount. After being told the car would not be released he became verbally aggressive. On the CCTV visually he appeared calm and his hands remained in his overcoat pockets at all times, but the audio on the playback a different story could be heard where he threatened to return that evening and burn down the garage and the member of staffs home. This left the receptionist horrified and very frightened and this resulted in a Court appearance. Without the voice recording it was his word against the Garage's Service Receptionist, so who knows what would have happened if the audio recording was not installed.

The garage held the car for a further 9 months until the bill was eventually paid in full along with storage charges.

The component cost to the Garage to add CCTV Audio to the Reception Area, including the Amplified Microphone, Audio Cabling and Speakers was less than £29.00.

CCTV Cameras with voice recording are really low cost and will transform your Surveillance, it really does make a huge difference in an environment where confrontations could arise. We believe any voice recording to be an essential for any type of shop or Reception area.

Remember you will need to add a small "audio recording” to your CCTV signage in order to use any voice recordings legally. We have small low cost labels you can purchase add to your CCTV Signage within this section.