8 Channel Free Standing 120mm silent Fan cooled CCTV Power Supply , 12V 25 Amps.

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Brand: Big Brother CCTV

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This is no doubt the most efficient CCTV power Supply in the UK and is 100% Switch Mode,  thousands of these are operating in the UK and have been running for years.

8 Output Fan Cooled CCTV Camera Power Supply 12V 25A, use our RG59+2 tested up to 5Mp assists in long cable runs with high power cameras.

This is a free standing 8 Channel CCTV Camera Power Supply that provides a massive amount of power, and a lot of Amps for your Pound making it ideal for I/R cameras,  even with 8 x 1080p Cameras with I/R it remains cool and still runs at a light load, internally it has dual 12V output channels @ 12.5A per channel giving a total combined output of 40 Amps,   equivalent to 3.12 Amps per channel,  if only 4 Cameras are connected it offers 6.24A per channel etc etc,

8 way Output cable with 2.1mm plugs ,,, so there is no need to use additional splitter cables. 

8 x 2.1mm Power Sockets with screw terminals in the kit,  marked +ve & -ve for connection of the red and black in shotgun cable or even Cat5e when used for power.

This unit can sit on the floor or on a shelf, even with a massive 120mm cooling fan operation is very quiet, unit is extremely stable and cool. 

Totally internal fuse free operation, which has automatic overload protection which can withstand CCTV power cables being cut and still continue delivering power to other Cameras.

Unit senses Power Spikes and mains voltage variations and protects the equipment it is supplying and shut down if severe.

Finished in Matt Black, fan is finger guarded, Fan operation indicates Power is Good and active, external Power On/Off switch, IEC Power Socket, and supplied UK moulded 1 metre Power Cord. with 3 pin moulded fused plug.

Suitable for I/R PTZ's

Startup is indicated by the fan running,   Power Good circuitry and no camera power wiring faults are indictated when fan starts.


Technical specifications:
Channels 8
Cooling Fan Cooled 120mm Silent
Load Per Channel nominal 3A Amps clean
Power Cord IEC moulded to a fused 3 PIn UK plug,1 Metre long.
Power Good Control Automatic
Power Good Indicator Indicated by fan start up.
Restart Auto after Power Failure, unit will standby if mains is too high.
Stability Control Automatic
Total Load 25Amps @ 12V DC
Format Switched Mode
Connections 8 x 2.1mm Plugs on flying Leads (standard splitter outputs) 8 x 2.1mm power sockets are included with screw terminals
Power 12V DC, 25A Output, 3.12A per channel
Dimensions 150mm x140mm x 86mm

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