1080p AHD Auto Tracking 2.4Mp 30x Zoom High Speed PTZ Camera, 150M I/R, RS485 control

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Brand: Big Brother Systems

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Day & night, as it tracks it automatically focuses the camera.

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1080p 2.4Mp AHD HIGH SPEED PTZ CCTV Camera with the latest lasers & I/R ARRAY's 150M night vision, 2.4Mp resolution with 30x optical zoom, use existing Coax or Cat5e for control, or wire as you would a conventional camera.  Automatic speed control slows the camera rotation down when the lens is zoomed to provide more accuracy.

How does the autotracking work?   This is based on motion detection i.e. pixel movement,  the ideal height to install is gutter height which is approx 6.5 metres, mimimum height is about 5 metres,  for movement to be detected the camera  must see the subject moving,  people can be detected up to about 20 metres,  further if more than one or moving quickly, vehicles again depending on size up 50 metres.  Once movement stops it will wait for 15 seconds then return to a start position to wait for the next moving object.  Note:  It will follow any movement but debris blowing about and small animals or pets are usually too small to trigger it to track. 

When the subject is detected the camera will zoom and take a closer shot to increase the recognition, again this can depend on distance etc.  Autotracking can be turned off at anytime using the options in a DVR's control panel,  the starting or waiting to track position can be set up after the camera is installed using an option again the control panel on the DVR. 

Manual control can be taken over at any time and again after 15 seconds of control stopping it will return to Autotracking, the same applies to a mobile phone once control is released it will return back to its start position after 15 seconds,  so you do not have to worry where you stop it as it will go back to Auto. 

This is the latest AHD technology and very high specification to provide you with high quality 1080p images which can be recorded in high definition on any of our 1080p Full HD AHD or Tri-brid AHD DVR's. The latest on board Sensor and 100% digital processors offers about 10 times the visual live and playback resolution at full screen on a 24” to 60” LED 1080p screen than an analogue 1200TVL Camera, coupled with an 30x optical Zoom with a 3.3Mp lens, very fast autofocus, and a huge night vision performance at up to 150 metres thanks to the new dual bank of Laser night vision array's and 6 x I/R Array's, this camera is a favourite of Big Brother Systems and our customers.

Smooth rotation, no tearing, no streaking, just perfect… day or night plus Auto & proportional speed control, automatically slows down when lens is zoomed in to provide more manual accuracy.

Final assembly and setup is done in Stoke on Trent, with intensive testing and setup before boxing and packing prior to sale.  Comes complete with 12VDC local power supply which must be sited locally to the Camera and fed with 240V ac and connects using standard analogue technology with the Pan, Tilt and Zoom controlled by RS-485 using one of the twisted pairs down Cat5e/Cat6

Perfect for any commercial premises or house where the best images are needed, Schools, Hospitals, Universities and Colleges, Prisons, Airports and Harbours and Military sites both external and internal installations. Add a corner bracket to cover 2 sides of a building , or pole mount bracket , faces can be recognized and number plates easily read… this is the true result that HD CCTV is aiming for and now achieved.  

Also ideal for domestic properties, farms and country houses.  Moving  Dome diameter is approx 6"

Installation is simple, a 12V DC @ 4 Amps Switching Power Supply should be locally supplied with 240V ac , existing coax or Cat5e can be used for video (4 in 1 baluns required) and for control from the DVR using RS485, The correct power supply is included in the box.

 1080p HD Camera Module

● Using low Illumination SONY CMOS 322, 1080p

● 30 x optical zoom with Auto Focus.

● 3D noise reduction of image. Creates the best possible image day and night

● EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation) assists to reduce noticeable image shake, especially in winds, incorporates “Pan & Slant Technology”

● 1080p resolution @ 1984(H) x 1225p(V)



● Using H.264 High profile video compression, Very High compression ratio now built into the Camera to assist the DVR's Disk consumption, , Superb image quality combined with Stable performance 

● High speed multi core on board video processing

● Support latest AHD full High Definition Standard


IR function

● Integrated Infrared Lens design can reduce the infrared reflection, showing a vast improvement over non integrated systems.

● All-Metal Aluminum structure is designed for the quick cooling of the IR LED board which is thermally connected to the metal

  cover to spread the heat from the ARRAYS back into the metal cover. No additional fan cooling or heater controls are required for this unit.

● Dual Laser based IR ARRAY LED is designed in a circular optic, for uniform light, ARRAY’s switch according to zoom setting

● multiple IR ARRAYIII & laser LED Boards use the high thermal conductivity of aluminum plate (Thermal Conductive >2.0/M.k). Conducts heat faster to extend the service life of LED.

● IDS (Intelligent Light dimmer System), infra-red mode is configured automatically

● Independent MCU IR control system can set to a variety of IR modes to suit the environment.

● The output power of the IR LED ARRAYS and the intelligent illuminance system can be adjusted through 10 Levels

● IR control and optical filter is switched to synchronise at high speed.


Note: You can add a corner bracket or pole bracket when you order

Note. There is no internal menu in this PTZ except for the basics which can be accessed by the DVR,  this is done intentionally to keep everything totally automatic


Technical specifications:
Audio Compression N/A
Auto Focus Auto / Semi-automatic / Manual
BLC & Wide Dynamic WDR AUTO
Colour White
Dimensions 208mm x 433mm estimated
Dual Stream N/A
Ethernet n/a
Frame Rate 60Hz:15fps(1280×960P)、25fps((1984 x 1225P)
Image Compression H.264
Material Aluminum, wall bracket included in the kit, note corner brackets, pole brackets and ceiling (soffit) brackets are an optional extra
Max. Image Resolution 1984×1225p,,, 2.4Mp
No. of Users N/A
Number of Presets 255
Pan Preset Speed High Speed: 250° /s Low Speed: 35° /s
Pan Range 360° endless
Pan Speed High Speed: 0.01° ~ 350° /s Low Speed: 0.01° ~ 35° /s
Pattern 4 patterns, with the recording time not less than 10 min per pattern
Proportional Zoom Rotation/Tilt speed can be set to automatic based on the zoom, e.g slower Pan/Tilt at higher Zoom
Protection Level IP66 with TVS 4000V lightning protection, surge protection and voltage transient protection Level 10 Wave Filters, Active Anti Thunder, Anti Earth/Ground Looping,
Security Measures User authentication (ID and PW), host authentication (MAC address)
Shutter Time 1/25-1/100,000s
Tilt Range -5° ~ 92°
Tilt Speed High Speed: 0.01° ~ 120° /s Low Speed: 0.01° ~ 35° /s
User/Host Level Via DVR
Working Temperature/Humidity -30℃ ~ 65℃ (-22° F ~ 149° F), 90% or less
3D Position Yes
Image Sensor AHD HD Format, progressive scan SONY 322 CMOS, 1080p HD, 1984 x 1225p, with WDR, 3D Noise Reduction
Lens f=4.7mm – 94mm (up to 30X zoom) 3,3Mp ,
Minimum Illumination Color: 0.5Lux@F1.6, B/W: 0.000 Lux@F1.6
White Balance Auto / Manual / One Touch WB / ATW, AGC = Auto/Manual with 16 levels, Auto Exposure 10 levels
Weight 4Kgs
Effective Pixels 2.4Mega pixels , with Automatic Dead Pixel Compensation
S/N Ratio ≥ 50dB
I/R ICR, I/R Cut, 2 x Laser I/R Array Led's, (150 Metres) 6 x I/R ARRAY III’s Auto switching of LED’s to suit Lens Settings or Zoom, I/R Range up to 150 metres Pan Speed 350 deg per sec, Tilt 120 deg per sec
Power Consumption DC12V 4000mA, 40 Watts (Supplied)
Protocol Pelco-D/P, auto sense, RS-485 Autotracking is set by Preset numbers via the DVR PTZ control panel
Alarm Optional

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